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X-FIT has established itself as the #1 most trusted and respected provider of private personal fitness training brand in Bangkok for the past 14 years.


Our fitness training programs and plant based nutrition have become legendary in Bangkok for producing body and life changing results.


We have gained our reputation as the fitness training brand in Bangkok you can trust with Internationally acclaimed personal trainer, Dennis Romatz as our Head Personal Trainer.


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X-FIT Bangkok Personal Trainer

Bangkok's Most Trusted Personal Fitness Training Company Since 2005

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Expert Personal Fitness Trainers in Bangkok 

Hi, we're X-FIT.  We provide convenient personal fitness training at your condo gym in Bangkok.  Our expert personal trainers specialize in clinical based fitness & nutrition programs helping you achieve optimal health & fitness levels.

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7 X-FIT Personal Training Benefits

Which of these benefits do you want us to get you? 

  1. Weight Loss

  2. Body Fat Reduction

  3. Improved General Health

  4. Improve Eating Habits

  5. Perfect Posture

  6. Fix Lower (Sacral / Lumbar) Back Issues

  7. Fix Knee (Medial Meniscus) issues

This Is How We Do Corrective

With Physiotherapy!

Sylvia call and asked me to fix her Popliteus Muscle & Tendon Issue in her right knee.

Her hip was causing an extrernal rotation torsion stressing her Popliteous Tendon causing knee pain.

This video was taken during her 14th training session with me.

"All of the pain is gone.

My Husband and I just golfed 18 holes and my knee felt great! 

I've been to so many Doctors, Physiotherapists and specialists, but they never got to the root cause of my knee problems like you have.  It was everything else except my knee....I feel so better.  The physio movements with my hip ball & socket feel great.  I can do those every day on my own."  -  Sylvia, Calgary

This Is How We Do Weight Loss With Fitness & Nutrition!

When Alex started training with me he said "I want to lose weight and get chiseled".

He started at 83 kg. and as the photos shows, is now 75.5 kg.

He is minus 7.5 kg. or 16.53 pounds in just 14 sessions. 

This includes a one week business trip in which he wasn't able to train. 

"I feel like I'm being trained by a celebrity trainer.  I never thought I could lose weight this fast, but it just keeps coming off!  I'm so happy and energized.  I want to keep going and see how much more I can lose.  And I have so much more energy now!"  -  Alex, United Nations

You will receive all of these key personal training elements guaranteeing your successful goal achievement

6 Compelling Ways Your Personal Training Will Be Smart, Convenient & Effective

4 Most Popular X-FIT Fitness Training Programs & Workout Goals

General Health

We'll increase your general health & and daily functional performance.

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Weight Loss

We'll reduce your body fat percentage resulting in significant weight loss.

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We'll treat the root cause of your issue and restore you to 100% functionality.

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Cardio Health

We'll increase your VO2 and cardio respiratory & cardio vascular  health.

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Because we know that 99% of people can use a general health tune up,

lose a bit of weight, probably fix lower back compression & definitely be more heart healthy

3 Dynamic X-FIT Personal Training Service Features

We enhance your fitness training experience with convenient, effective & efficient workouts

Condo Gym Training

Simply the most convenient, efficient & effective method of fitness training.

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Expert Personal Trainers

Our World Class personal trainers are absolutely the best in Bangkok.

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1 on 1 Personal Training

The close attention and push you need to take your training to the next level.

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2 X-FIT Fundamental Health & Fitness Pillars

We ensure principles of functional human movement & proper food consumption

1 Phenomenal X-FIT Personal Trainer Team in Bangkok

We are dedicated to getting you fit & healthy quickly

Experience Personal Training in Bangkok on a Higher Level

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FREE Fitness & Functional Biomechanics Assessment

  • Let's chat about your current health & physical condition.

  • Tell me how you want to look & feel.

  • I'll provide training & nutrition options and a game plan for success.

  • I'll come to your condo gym to meet so I can assess your body and design your program.

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We are incredibly busy and may not be able to answer our phone!

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"2019 X-FIT Bangkok fitness training focus....stay consistent & enjoy the process.  

Myself & my team of professional personal trainers in Bangkok will get you the results you desire."  

- Dennis Romatz, X-FIT Owner, Managing Director & Head Personal Trainer

X-FIT Head Personal Trainer Dennis Romatz leads all Bangkok personal trainers with 33 years personal trainer experience.

Dennis Romatz is also one of Chicago's leading personal fitness trainers.  View Dennis' Chicago personal training website at https://www.dennisromatzfitness.com

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