About X-FIT Bangkok Personal Trainer

About X-FIT

experienced & educated

We are X-FIT Bangkok personal trainer

We're a team of supremely talented professional, certified personal trainers in Bangkok, Thailand providing superior quality condo gym & in-home personal training & nutritional coaching.

"Dennis was professional from A to Z and helped me reach my goal of losing weight, gaining functional strength and increasing my flexibility.  Healthier & happier than I've ever been."  

 - Richard, British Expat

Our story

X-FIT was founded in 2005 with a total body training approach to fitness training in Bangkok.


X-FIT has since gone on to reinvent the personal training landscape and become Bangkok's leader in private, exclusive concierge style condo gym personal training.


Our X-FIT Owner and Head Personal Trainer has more than 5 decades of personal training experience and is accompanied by a staff of the finest hand picked veteran personal trainers in Bangkok.

X-FIT personal fitness training is designed to activate a multitude of muscles as well as stimulate your mental processes so that your fitness training becomes an educational experience as well as the physical.

Since it's birth in late 2005, X-FIT has been delivering personal and group fitness training programs, transforming bodies and providing a priceless anatomical education along the way.

Our focus

Our focus is a continuum of exactly what Dr. Parr at Central Michigan University taught me in my Exercise Science curriculum classes which was to be educated, to deliver my education in an articulate and professional manner and to change lives with my knowledge and experience.


We focus on the little details that most personal trainers in Bangkok don't even think of.  Flawless perfection in human movement, exercise techniques and bio mechanics is at the forefront of who we are and what we do.

We deliver perfectly and appropriately designed fitness training programs prescribed according to your goals and current anatomical & physiological condition which are scaled progressively leading to inevitable goal achievement.

Increased and improved health levels are our highest priority with windfall benefits of dramatic body transformations always the norm.