We've Let Excellence Build Our Brand


X-FIT has established itself as the #1 most trusted and respected provider of private personal fitness training brand in Bangkok for the past 14 years.


Our fitness training programs and plant based nutrition have become legendary in Bangkok for producing body and life changing results.


We have gained our reputation as the fitness training brand in Bangkok you can trust with Internationally acclaimed personal trainer, Dennis Romatz as our Head Personal Trainer.


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We are incredibly busy and may not be able to answer our phone while in training sessions.


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99, 387 Rama IX  Rd

Huay Kwang, Din Daeng

Krung Thep Maha Nakhon


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X-FIT Bangkok Personal Trainer

Bangkok's Most Trusted Personal Fitness Training Company Since 2005

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Learn All About X-FIT Bangkok Personal Trainer

We Have The Complete Package...Bangkok's Best Personal Trainers, Effective Fitness Training Programs & It All Gets Delivered to Your Condo Gym For Convenience!

#1 Personal Fitness Training Team in Bangkok

14 Years The Best Personal Trainer Team in Bangkok

  • Convenient Condo Gym Training Platform

  • Most Highly Regarded By Bangkok Expat Community

  • Fitness Training Results Guaranteed​

"X-FIT provides me with convenient training at my condo gym"

- Manu, Bangkok Expat

Most Experienced Personal Trainer in Bangkok

33 Years Personal Trainer Experience

  • Exercise Science & Nutrition University Educated

  • Internationally Acclaimed Personal Trainer

  • #1 Personal Trainer Choice of Bangkok Expats​

"Dennis is the best personal trainer in Bangkok"

- Mark Decker, Decker Securities

We Have a Phenomenal Personal Trainer Team

Your Professional Personal Training Team in Bangkok

We are a team of fitness professionals providing personal fitness training at condo gyms in Bangkok, Thailand.

We specialize in private, private personal fitness training, nutritional guidance, weight loss, physiotherapy and healthy lifestyle managements programs.

Our focus is on thorough exercise testing, assessments and analysis and the prescription and implementations of goal oriented, results based training methodologies.

X-FIT is Bangkok's leader in condo gym personal training and is lead by World Class personal trainer, Dennis Romatz.

X-FIT  is lead by Internationally acclaimed personal trainer, Dennis Romatz.  Dennis has 33 years fitness industry experience which is more than any other personal trainer in all of Asia.  Dennis possesses an education in Exercise Science, Nutrition & Business Administration.


Our professional staff is comprised of highly educated trainers with Master Degrees in Exercise Science as well as certifications from the most widely recognized fitness organizations in the world such as  NASM, ACSM, CSCS & ACE.

Our clients love our intelligent, clinical based training because they get great results.

We Are Career Personal Trainers

Highest Quality Bangkok Fitness Training Professionals

X-Fit is a goal oriented, results driven mobile personal fitness training company offering in home and condo gym personal training and nutritional guidance in Bangkok, Thailand.

We specialize in value added, convenient, effective, time saving fitness training with emphasis on weight loss and fat burning.

X-Fit Bangkok is lead by Dennis Romatz who has 32 years personal training experience.

Read about Dennis here.

We Strive For Fitness Excellence

Sustained, Consistent Excellence in Personal Training

X-Fit was founded in 2005 when Dennis Romatz decided to move to Bangkok to continue his professional personal training career and open the ultimate fitness training company in Bangkok offering unparalleled training services.

X-Fit has gained a reputation of being the finest mobile personal training company in Bangkok.

Owner, Head Personal Trainer Dennis Romatz has been a freelance personal trainer for more than 33 years.

We Achieve At Every Session

Daily Victorious Achievements Via Intelligent Training

X-Fit utilizes the most intelligent fitness training modalities, methodologies and protocols for your assured fitness training successes.

Our exercise prescription is based on scientific law, clinical processes and correct Kinesiology.

Our science based nutritional guidance ensures your fitness training success.

Our dedicated lead personal trainer, Dennis Romatz and the X-Fit Bangkok staff are committed to your fitness training success.

We Provide Fitness & Nutrition

Fitness Training, Nutrition, Wellness, Lifestyle Coaching

We provides the finest health & wellness services in Bangkok.  Within these core concepts is our primary focus on condo gym personal fitness training, nutritional guidance, corrective & rehabilitative training and weight & fat loss.

These core concepts are derivatives of a more macro approach defined as Healthy Lifestyle Mentorship, Coaching and Guidance. 

Our primary goal is to help you achieve optimal health and biomechanical functionality.

We Adhere To Clinical Science

Exercise Testing & Prescription, Prescription, Monitoring

We perform a complete exercise testing including skeletal & postural analysis for symmetry and alignment, biomechanical articulation & rotation movement functionality, balance, agility and proprioception. 

This is comprehensive testing which allows us to then prescribe the most intelligent and beneficial fitness training program for optimal results.  This training program is married with a nutrition program to enhance your training progress and ensure successful results.

We Train At Condo Gyms

Bangkok Condo Gyms, Homes, Parks, Hotels, Villas

Our personal fitness training locations in Bangkok include most all areas with emphasis on our core area which is the Sukhumvit / Asoke intersection.  We travel up to On Nut and down to Phayathai Road and Lad Prao over to Narathiwas.

We travel by motorbike and are able to get to our client who live further out, however there is  mandatory additional fee per session.  The amount of this fee is determined by our extra travel time to get to your condo gym.

We've been reinventing our client's bodies & lives in Bangkok since 2005.   

Our success has been through our Exercise Science education, vast years of fitness training experience, proper nutritional guidance and dynamic & determined approach to goal achievement. 

We're fitness influencers in Bangkok, sure.

More importantly is the fact that we're proven Bangkok fitness game changers!

Our Fitness Training in Bangkok is Value Added

Our clients receive world class personal training from Dennis Romatz, who possesses not only an incredible training resume, but also a reputation as being a highly credible and reputable  fitness industry leader world wide.

At 53 years of age and having 33 years experience, Dennis is able to relate more closely to the Expat demographic he trains.

Dennis is the guy who trains the trainers to become better.  

He's a dynamic individual with leadership skills, knowledge, experience and  a charismatic fitness industry representative.

He is quite simply a World Class personal trainer who changes the bodies, health and lives of every client he trains.








Who We Are


X-FIT Bangkok Personal Trainer is a full fitness services company operating in Bangkok, Thailand. 

The perspective of our business includes personal training, boot camp fitness, fitness classes and nutritional guidance. 

X-FIT is a group of professional freelance personal trainers offering private, exclusive fitness training programs in your condo, serviced apartment, home gym or outdoors at a park.

We come to you and bring all of the necessary training equipment so you can enjoy the convenience of catered fitness training without all of the hassles and fees of joining a gym and traveling in Bangkok traffic.

We pride ourselves on being extremely successful, veteran, experienced, educated and mature personal trainers in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Call us now to discover what our outstanding personal trainers can do for you.  Weight loss, body shaping, cardio respiratory endurance, lean muscle gain...we can do it all for you!  And we offer fitness programs of every sort so you'll always have a new and awesome workout experience.

X-FIT Director of Personal Training

X-FIT is lead by Dennis Romatz, Thailand's most experienced personal trainer as well as being one of the world's most accomplished fitness professionals.

Dennis brings more than 33 years of fitness training experience to every session.

Hailing from Gaylord, Michigan USA, Dennis has trained clients in Grand Rapids MI, Montreal & Toronto Canada, Los Angeles, Hollywood & Orange County CA and most notably in Chicago, IL where he also owns and operates Chicago's highly acclaimed "Pro-Fit Chicago".  

Dennis has established his presence in Tokyo and Zurich where he manages teams of professional personal trainers representing his credible fitness industry name.

Dennis also operates fitness training in Phuket and Pattaya, Thailand , Phnom Penh, Cambodia and Saigon, Viet Nam.

X-FIT Head Personal Trainer Dennis Romatz leads all Bangkok personal trainers with 33 years personal trainer experience.

Dennis Romatz is also one of Chicago's leading personal fitness trainers.  View Dennis' Chicago personal training website at: https://www.dennisromatzfitness.com



Due to high demand, Dennis' schedule is limited.  

Please call to check availability. 

We train predominantly Expats who do leave Thailand once their contract expires, allowing certain time slots to become available.

We Have An Incredibly Talented Personal Trainer Staff

We are staffed with awesome personal trainers and we don't mind saying so! 


X-Fit Bangkok is fully staffed with a team of professional personal fitness trainers, nutrition specialists, yoga instructors and fitness industry leaders.  We are completely capable of guiding you to life changing results and passionate about helping you achieve your goals.

We are goal oriented, results driven fitness professional who will help you reinvent yourself to become the best version of yourself.

X-Fit Bangkok is now in our 13th year as Bangkok's most credible, reputable and successful personal training team.

We have dramatically changed the landscape of private, mobile, condo gym personal training in Bangkok by providing world class fitness services including clinical based, biomechanically correct personal fitness training programs, Plant Based nutritional guidance and guaranteed weight & fat loss programs.

Head Personal Trainer, Dennis Romatz leads all personal trainers in Asia with 33 years of personal training experience.

Our confidence comes from years of experience, vast knowledge and is endorsed by a long list of satisfied clients.

Our X-FIT  Bangkok Personal Trainers are certified by the most credible, reputable Internationally recognized organizations in the fitness industry.

Here are some of the fitness and personal training certifications we hold:

  • NASM

  • ACSM

  • ACE

  • CSCS


  • TRX LEVEL 1, 2, 3

What We Do

We perform privately with operating areas consisting of Wireless Road up to Sukhumvit On Nut and from Silom / Satorn over to Ratchada Rama 9. 

Our main clientele are expats or foreigners.  Our area of expertise is cross training for maximum fitness benefits and results.

Our lead personal trainer has more than 33 years of personal training and fitness industry experience and is an Internationally recognized personal trainer for his detail oriented style and focus on technical  and postural perfection.

We train people both privately and in group settings.  Our primary focus is to help each client reach his or her goals safely, efficiently and in an educational manner.

Our training is for a mature Expat demographic who want a more private, exclusive one on one setting in which they can learn the finer points of correct exercise techniques and achieve the results they desire from one of the the most experienced personal trainers in the world, without all of the kiddy, night clube-sque booming music emminating from a room full of  group class followers on the verge of serious Lumbar 5 injuries due to a lack of attention from an instructor screaming into a headset.

Our Fitness Training Studio

We have a fully stocked fitness training studio complete with outdoor jungle gym, multiple depth pool and a grass area which is perfect for yoga or cross training.

Give us a call and we'll set up a tour so you can see how great training at our gym really is.

Best of all, it's free!

X-FIT Bangkok Personal Trainer

(66) 098 101 5563  WhatsApp

Call us today!

People Are Saying Great Words About Our Fitness Training

"I wasted my time training at two fitness training studios on Sukhumvit doing the wrong exercises.  Those inexperienced personal trainers had me doing exercises which made my back hurt worse and which didn't accomplish my goals.

This is the kind of fitness training I should have been doing all this time.

--Anand, Bangkok

"I'm learning how to train efficiently while accomplishing my goals.

One of the benefits of training with Dennis is that he teaches me the most intelligent exercises and he structures the movements so the workout is efficient.  I'm training more effectively and get more done in half the time.

--George, Bangkok




  • Superior Expat Personal Training

  • Talented, Experienced Expat Personal Trainers





  • Brings The Personal Trainer To You

  • Offers a flexible schedule

  • Offers the most competitive rates in Bangkok

  • Tools to guide you

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  • Successful experience to lead you to greatness

  • Effective, successful fitness programs

  • Personal fitness training for ladies

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  • Specialized, functional fitness programs

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