Q: What programs do you offer?

A: The question should not be about what programs we offer, but rather about what program we prescribe for you and to best serve your goals, needs and requirements.

Programs?...sure, we can offer you absolutely every type and style of training program.

However this is not our approach to personal fitness training.

The program we prescribe is completely and entirely based on your personal needs. It is not a cookie cutter program such as in a group fitness class.

It is prescribed after a thorough assessment and analysis and is unique to you and only you. In other words, no other person we train will ever replicate your same fitness training program.

Q: How many times a week should I train?

A: We recommend exercising with our personal trainer 3 times a week.
Anything less is merely dabbling in working out. Dabbling just doesn't cut it because we're not just training you to reach your goals. We're also training and grooming you so that exercise and working out becomes a daily behavioral pattern and a lifestyle.
We love when our clients can train at least 4 times or more per week because then the scale is tipped in your favor.
Sometimes, in the beginning of a client's training program, we will be extremely flexible and start slowly. This is due to some clients needing more recovery time in between workouts.
I find that many times, I'll not schedule 3-4 training sessions per week, but rather 1-2 and then progressively scale up to 3-4 as my client becomes more fit.

Q: What program is best?

A: The best training program or style is not the one in particular that you see everyone doing or the one on youtube.

The best training program is one that establishes a baseline and progressively scales higher in intensity and involves periodization.

Periodization training is the strategic implementation of different training phases to focus on particular reps, sets, amount of resistance etc; during a period of time and then changing that program to manipulate aerobic and muscular responses based on need.

An example of periodization is when a professional athlete finishes the season he then goes into therapeutic recovery to heal any injuries. He the goes into heavy resistance training mode to add muscle and strength. Next comes increasing aerobic capacity of VO2 to increase fitness levels to get ready for the start if the next season. Each one of these phases can last anywhere from 4-6 weeks.

So, it's not about the actual training program that best. Clinical based training focuses more on the prescription, implementation and periodization of appropriate programs based on a time frame.

Q: How does it work?

A: This is a very general, but frequently asked question. The process is simple.

Contact us. We will schedule an in person meeting at which time we will listen to your needs, requirements and goals. We can then provide an assessment to properly analyze your body and current health condition so as to gain a better understanding of your baseline. From our analysis, we design your most goal appropriate, personalized fitness training program and nutritional guidance plan.

We discuss your desired training schedule and match you with one of our personal trainers who best fits your budget and training days and times so ensure cohesive, consistent training.

We then train!

Q: How much does a personal trainer in Bangkok cost?

A: The International average price for a personal trainer is $50 per session and can range between $35 - $100 depending on the city and particular training location ie; if the trainer has to travel to get to you.

Our personal training prices at X-FIT vary with our different personal trainers and fitness coaches as we all have different levels of formal fitness & nutrition education and years of experience.

Generally speaking, our prices for personal training in Bangkok range between 1,200 baht - 2,100 baht per session. Packages of 10 and 20 sessions are available. Larger packages yield a lower per session training price. Please visit our Bangkok personal trainer price page here.

Q: Does the personal trainer come to my condo gym?

A: Yes, condo gym and in-home personal training is what we specialize in. We provide this method of personal training as a convenience to our clients so that working out and exercising is made to be more convenient and consistent.

Please visit our condo gym personal training page for complete details.

Q: Can I bring a friend with  me to train?

A: Yes, absolutely! We encourage our clients to bring a friend or family member. The atmosphere is way more exciting and supportive. We allow up to 5 persons training in the same small group as long as they all have similar or the same training goals. We can accommodate 2-5 persons in a training session with similar goals as we can tailor the session in a circuit training fashion with all persons gaining benefits.

Q: Are X-FIT personal trainers certified?

A: Yes, our personal trainers have been certified by credible, reputable personal training organizations recognized by NCCA (National Commission for Certifying Agencies).

Our personal trainers in Bangkok also have many years of practical experience which had allowed us to not only be certified personal trainers, but also put that education into practical action gaining the much needed experience necessary for a personal trainer to learn and become truly great trainers and ambassadors of the fitness industry.