Fitness Programs

We Have a Full Menu To Pick From, But Ultimately, Yours Is Designed Based On Your BioMarkers & Goals

Perfectly designed fitness training programs

Our fitness training programs are spot on because we personalize them for each individual client.

Comprehensive in scope and micro detailed for perfection. 

Rest assured that your specific fitness training program will be effective, successful and rewarding.

We deliver the finest personal fitness training available in Bangkok, Thailand and we stake our reputation on your results.

There is a clear difference between rookie personal trainers in Bangkok and the 30 years of experience I boast of.

We offer a complete list of fitness training program options which you or we can pick from.  However, ultimately, your training program will consist of exercises you absolutely require for goal achievement.

Each of our clients receives a thorough assessment.  We then design and prescribe a personalized comprehensive and specific program which meets the needs of each person.  We pull appropriate movements from each of our training disciplines to formulate an incredibly effective fitness training program which yields successful results.

Targeting your fitness training Goals

No two people are the same.  We get it!   Every new X-FIT personal training client receives a customized, personalized, comprehensive fitness program.

Each personalized program is designed with a goal oriented safety first approach so that every clients not only reaches their fitness goals, but does it without any liability for injury.

X-FIT fitness programs are goal oriented and performed and coached by our professional personal trainers so that you also receive a first class fitness education along with your personalized fitness program.

These are some of our most popular fitness training programs 

  • Cardio Kickboxing - calorie blasting kickboxing for fitness

  • Pre / Post Pregnancy Training - specialized fitness training for pregnant ladies or ladies just having given birth.

  • Aqua Fitness - fitness in the pool

  • Core Fitness - work your core for a lean, slim waistline

  • Physio - Fit - specialized training designed to delve into your joints, hips and glute muscles to free up tightness

  • Compound Crunch - maximize your workouts with movements involving two or more muscles or joints per exercise

  • Extreme Training - Dare to endure an hour of intense total body training for maximum results and benefits

  • High Intensity Interval Training

  • Total Body Conditioning

  • Cardio Muay Thai Kickboxing

  • Cross Training

  • Functional Training

  • Core Fitness

  • Yoga

  • Stretching

  • Boot Camp

  • Physiotherapy

General Health

X-Fit Bangkok offers a general health fitness training programs which is all encompassing. 

It includes your entire anatomy as well as your physiological processes. 

We target your particular priority areas and focus on cardio respiratory for heart health and daily optimal functionality & performance.

Metabolic Conditioning

Metabolic training consists of movements inducing a higher heart rate with the intention of increasing metabolic rate and burn more fat.

This program is great for weight loss via body fat reduction as well as increased VO2 training for endurance.

Cardio Respiratory

Our cardio respiratory fitness training consists of movements stimulating a higher BPM either with peaks and valleys or a consistent duration of training at a desired increased heart rate.

This training is obviously perfect for heart health, but is also great for weight loss. 

High Intensity Interval Training

​Our high intensity interval training is closely related to metabolic conditioning, but with the addition of body weight movement targeting multiple muscle groups and joints. The pace of this workout makes it great for weight loss as well as total body conditioning.

Strength & Conditioning

This highly specialize sports performance style of training is great for the professional or aspiring athlete and can be tailored to suit every person's goals in a high performance type workout.

Aqua & Pool Fitness

​Pool fitness is by far my favorite style of workout.  It's therapeutic as it's provides 360 degrees of balance and support so it is the perfect workout for everybody regardless of age.  We utilize the pool workouts for pregnancy training as well as Seniors training. 

Muay Thai Kickboxing

​Our Muay Thai kickboxing utilizes kicks, punches and focuses on anatomical muscles slightly above and below your waistline.  Kickboxing training programs can be purely kickboxing or can be mixed with metabolic conditioning , H.I.I.T. or another program required for your goals.

Pre & Post Pregnancy Training

​Those who have trained with me know that I am the only person in Bangkok qualified to train pregnant women intelligently and confidently.  My pregnancy fitness programs involves therapy, stretching, lean muscle toning and cardiovascular fitness in a safe environment with special attention always given.

Functional Fitness Training

Our functional training programs is designed for those who want to improve their daily performance and functionality.  We train your muscles with a focus on skeletal structure, posture and alignment.  elements of cardio respiratory training are also included.

Suspension Straps & Gymnastics Rings Training

​We have taken lashing straps and designed an awesome workout which incorporates stretching, body weight and balance movements.  It' snot a cardiovascular based workouts, but it does have other very important benefits.  It can also be the most convenient workout as the straps fit into any bag to be used anywhere.


​Our yoga program is so special because we come to you to perform the most amazing and therapeutic session in the privacy of your own home or environment.  We offer Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga as well as individually tailored yoga programs design specifically for your therapeutic needs.


Our pilates is perfect for anyone who wants or needs to dial into exercises stemming from the ball & socket in your hips and shoulders in a slow and methodical atmosphere.  We provide mat pilates, standing (vertical) pilates or pilates in the pool.


Anyone who knows pilates knows how perfect this workout can be for those interest in long, lean muscles. 

Aerobic, Anaerobic, Cardio Respiratory & Metabolic Conditioning

This includes goal appropriate intensity Cardio Respiratory Endurance, Metabolic Conditioning for weight loss & management, body fat reduction. 


Training methodologies include H.I.I.T., Interval Training & Kickboxing protocols with body weight.

Those is a common method of training as it incorporates the entire body.

Postural, Myofascial, Corrective Physio, Physio, Rehabilitative

Principals of Biomechanics & Kinesiology formulate the modalities and protocols and are designed and prescribed with a focus on correcting disfunctional and asymetrical anatomical areas to create a perfect body posture and alignment. 


Training principals can be integrated into other training forms for persons with multiple training goals.

Functional, Muscular, Flexibility, Mobility & Performance

Tendon, ligament and the contraction & stretch functions of the muscles relevant to flexibility, mobility and increased muscular growth are targeted. 


Everything from resistance training to yoga can be performed within these goal parameters. 

This type of training works synergistically with Metabolic Conditioning for a complete style of workout.

Nutrition, Food Education, Meal Plans

Goal specific Nutritional Guidance, Food Education & Meal Planning are prioritized and included in every personal training session to maximize successful training results and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Nutritional guidance helps to facilitates sustainable weight management, proper bodily function and optimal daily human and / or sports performance.

These are some of the reasons clients love our fitness training programs 

  • Intelligently Designed Training Programs

  • Personalized and Tailored To Your Goals

  • Fresh, Exciting & Invigorating Training Sessions

  • Effective Training & Successful Results 

Our most popular workouts at condo gyms in Bangkok


  • Cross Training

  • Total Body Conditioning

  • Cross Core 180 Training

  • Cardio Kickboxing

  • Extreme Training

  • Cross Training

  • Core Training


Trendy workouts we provide at condo gyms in Bangkok


  • Box-Fit

  • Physio-Fit

  • Poolates

  • Cardio Kickboxing

  • Kettle Bell Training

  • Fitness Rope Training


Get Fit Today!

There has never been a better time to get fit.


Get your beach body today with X-FIT.


Join a gym?  forget it!

Pay gym fees? Nope!

Travel in Bangkok to a gym or training center?  You don't have to.  We come to you.


X-FIT private personal fitness training at your condo or serviced apartment's gym from as low as 1,200 Thai baht per session.


X-FIT uses the Cross Core 180 suspension trainer for a body weight total body method of cross training for maximum results.


X-FIT offers private personal training using the Vipr Tube.  Vipr is a great way to train "Paleo" style while using a devise to train your entire body.


X-FIT uses the TRX Training System.

TRX is a fantastic way to train your core and increase strength using body weight.


X-FIT trains with the Bosu Ball delivering an awesome workout focusing on balance, agility and core strength.