X-FIT has established itself as the #1 most trusted and respected provider of private personal fitness training brand in Bangkok for the past 14 years.


Our fitness training programs and plant based nutrition have become legendary in Bangkok for producing body and life changing results.


We have gained our reputation as the fitness training brand in Bangkok you can trust with Internationally acclaimed personal trainer, Dennis Romatz as our Head Personal Trainer.


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X-FIT Bangkok Personal Trainer

Bangkok's Most Trusted Personal Fitness Training Company Since 2005

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Personal Fitness Training Workouts in Bangkok

From High Energy Metabolic Conditioning To Zen, Yoga Stretch Therapy And Everything In Between.

These Are The Workouts You Want Most!

X-FIT Bangkok Personal Trainer

Fitness & Personal Trainer Workouts At Condo Gyms In Bangkok

X-FIT Bangkok Personal Trainer has the perfect workout for you!

Of course we do, because we always personalize and customize a comprehensive fitness training program for all of our client's needs and goals.

The cornerstone of our business is in the fact that we program fitness training better than anyone.  While others are using some cookie cutter Cross-something or other workout for all person in the gym, X-FIT is customizing the perfect workout specific to each individual client.

We are not copying workouts from an International guide or online subscription.  We are not duplicating a "WOD" from some cookie cutter workout designed for a group. 

We are, in fact, acting in a very detailed manner and programming fitness applications which are the most beneficial to our clients needs and goals.

X-FIT workouts are designed for success!

X-FIT gets results...period!  We are forging ahead with unique fitness programs which keep our clients interested, excited, invigorated, inspired and healthy!

X-FIT offers more fitness programs because we know that no two clients are alike.

We have spent our entire lives dedicated to fitness, being accomplished athletes in the pursuit of constantly reinventing ourselves in a more and great positive way.

We have developed the most effective methods of fitness training for the success of our clients now and long after they have achieved their goals and gone on to work or play in another country.

Give us a call and find out what are talented personal trainers at X-FIT can do for you.

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Our Most Popular Workouts At Condo Gyms In Bangkok


  • Cross Training

  • Total Body Conditioning

  • Cross Core 180 Training

  • Cardio Kickboxing

  • Extreme Training

  • Cross Training

  • Core Training


Trendy Workouts We Provide At Condo Gyms In Bangkok


  • Box-Fit

  • Physio-Fit

  • Poolates

  • Cardio Kickboxing

  • Kettel Bell Training

  • Fitness Rope Training


Get Fit Today!

There has never been a better time to get fit.


Get your beach body today with X-FIT.


Join a gym?  forget it!

Pay gym fees? Nope!

Travel in Bangkok to a gym or training center?  You don't have to.  We come to you.


X-FIT private personal fitness training at your condo or serviced apartment's gym from as low as 1,200 Thai baht per session.


X-FIT uses the Cross Core 180 suspension trainer for a body weight total body method of cross training for maximum results.


X-FIT offers private personal training using the Vipr Tube.  Vipr is a great way to train "Paleo" style while using a devise to train your entire body.


X-FIT uses the TRX Training System.

TRX is a fantastic way to train your core and increase strength using body weight.


X-FIT trains with the Bosu Ball delivering an awesome workout focusing on balance, agility and core strength.

  • Intelligently Designed Fitness Programs

  • Exciting & Energized Training Sessions

  • Successful Results


X-FIT Professionally Designed Workouts Are Just A Call Away!

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X-FIT Bangkok Personal Trainer


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