Nutrition coach in Bangkok

Nutritional Coaching in Bangkok

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Nutritional coaching

We provide nutrition coaching, meal plans & food education with every personal training session

"I was able to greatly facilitate my weight loss and keep it off with Dennis' nutritional coaching."

- Charlotte, British Expat

Nutritional coaching

We provide nutritional guidance for every client we train and each person who contacts us specifically to help them with nutrition.

We help our clients with nutritional guidance during each fitness training session during the times in which we discuss the foods consumed the night before as well as the most appropriate foods to eat that same day.

We also take a macro approach and provide guidance on a weekly and monthly schedule to ensure sustainable behavioral modifications.

Food education

It's no secret any longer that labels on food containers are full of trickery.

We help expose all of the secrets the food companies try to hide from consumers.

We teach, make aware and alert our clients of certain dangerous chemicals, preservatives, sugars and other harmful ingredients.

We make recommendations on how to avoid these foods and provide clean, healthy alternative foods.

Meal plans

We Provide Meal Plans so that our clients have a well structured daily food consumption schedule.

It also ensures that our clients are getting enough of the daily recommended quantities of nutrients, immune boosters, antioxidants and trace minerals they need to live healthy as well as perform optimally.

We will design the most appropriate meal plan according to your training goals as well as physiological requirements.