Personal training in Bangkok

Personal Training in Bangkok

We'll transform your body into a high performance, fabulous looking work of art.

Get better results with intelligently designed personal training

Our personal training is clinical based using principles of exercise science & physiology.

We use NASM & ACE protocols for thorough fitness assessments in exercise testing and data driven analysis for exercise prescription and personalized fitness training program design.

body transformation personal training

Transform your body

You can choose from any number of desired goals or select one as your priority.

Transforming and sculpting your dream body is as easy as choosing a goal, having us design the most appropriate training program and then training diligently and consistently.

Some of our more common reshaping goals are weight loss via body fat reduction, increasing strength through lean muscle gain, gaining flexibility, mobility and eradicating nagging injuries such as lower back pain.


Improve your health

Training our client for better cardio vascular, respiratory and heart health is at the forefront of training for improved health.

We perform VO2, aerobic capacity, endurance and recovery tests during your fitness assessment.  The results of this testing gives us the data we need to establish a baseline and then scale your cardio training necessary for improved health and fitness.

Some of our more common health improvement goals are increased cardio respiratory endurance, increased energy levels, lowered blood pressure and elevated energy levels.

personal training for health improvement
personal training for healthy lifestyles

Develop healthy lifestyle

Developing a healthy lifestyle is paramount for reaching sustainable fitness goals.

During each training session, we instill inspiration and encouragement to help you focus on the changes you are making with each workout.  Each step you take is one step closer to the person you want to become.

We aim to have our clients be more mindful and develop confidence knowing that they're much healthier and their bodies look fantastic while making daily exercise and eating healthy a lifestyle.


Exercise testing & prescription

We ensure your fitness training success by getting you started properly with a thorough fitness assessment.

Fitness Assessments  

The first step is for me to thoroughly analyze your anatomy by performing comprehensive Exercise Testing Assessments including Functional Bio mechanics, Skeletal Structure, Postural Symmetry, Aerobic Endurance, Speed, Power, Muscular Endurance, Strength, Power, Coordination, Agility and Balance.  We use NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and ACE (American Council on Exercise) assessment protocols.

Training Program Design  

For your program design, I listen to your desires both physical and physiological.  I make recommendations based on my Exercise Testing Assessments.  I integrate what you want with what you require to design the most intelligent, goal appropriate fitness training program.

Monitor & Evaluate  

You physiological processes will be enhanced immediately so I begin to monitor your bio metrics in real time during every workout. I track your BPM, Workout Intensity, Caloric Expenditure, Duration and Measure your BPM decrease during rests.

Scale Progressively  

Tracking your bio metrics in real time during every workout allows me to be aware of every nuance of your physiological and fitness training progression.  I scale the intensity or your workout (depending on goal) by resistance, duration or speed.  Your program will change every 4-6 weeks according to alterations in periodization training protocols.

4 personal training pillars

We take a holistic approach to our client's fitness program so as to ensure that all of the pieces of your wellness are incorporated into your daily routine and new, healthy behavioral patterns.


We identify any past or present traumas which are prohibiting you from living a healthy lifestyle inclusive of mental wellness, fitness, nutrition and therapeutic recovery and those causing unhealthy behavioral patterns.

We chart a course for mental discipline and positive behavioral pattern mapping thru encouraged, inspired and motivated reinforcement. 


Your fitness training program is design based on the analysis of our exercise testing and prescribed in a manner setting a baseline and scaled progressively.  Your fitness training program is, of course designed appropriate to your personal realistic goals and physical requirements.  We use principles of exercise physiology and clinical science to ensure that your fitness training is always intelligent and bio mechanically correct.


Your fitness training will only be successful if supplemented with properly defined nutritional discipline with only healthy, high performance foods consumed according to your daily needs relevant to your goals.

We provide daily meal plans and Plant Based nutritional coaching during every personal training session.


Recovery is one of the most over looked aspects of fitness training success so we devote a significant amount of time and energy the elements of your mental & physical therapy.  Myofascial release and soft connective tissue trigger point massage are components recovery as well as ample sleep and replenishment of vital fluids and nutritious foods.

Receive a Free Fitness Assessment & trial session


Your complimentary fitness analysis, assessment and evaluation is one of the most important aspects of your personal training. 

This thorough evaluation that we provide gives us the anatomical data we need to design and structure an appropriate and intelligent results based fitness training program.  This is very important for safe, effective training which maximizes training session time efficiency.  

100% of the people who contact us either say on the phone or in an email that they want to start working out, but have no idea what to do, how to do it.  Most people who train on their own waste time doing movements unrelated to their primary goal.  These exercises which have nothing to do with their goals are most often performed incorrectly.  These combines cause a great deal of confusion, grief and discontent.

We eliminate all of your anxiety about working out by performing a free fitness assessment which examines your anatomical structure.  It highlights any asymmetrical aspects of your skeletal structure and disfunctions in your bio mechanics of kinesiology.

This provides us with ample data and information to proceed with designing a personalized, comprehensive fitness training and nutritionally guided program to that your goal achievement is guaranteed.

Please do contact us for your free initial fitness assessment.

Find out how our X-FIT free initial assessments have charted an intelligent course for fitness training which has changed the health, fitness and lives of so many whom have trained with us.  Read the testimonials here.

Our successful fitness training programs are derived from thorough initial fitness assessments.

This includes both anatomical assessments and daily food consumption analysis.

Learn more about our fitness training programs and nutritional guidance to gain a better awareness of our detailed focus.

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