X-FIT has established itself as the #1 most trusted and respected provider of private personal fitness training brand in Bangkok for the past 14 years.


Our fitness training programs and plant based nutrition have become legendary in Bangkok for producing body and life changing results.


We have gained our reputation as the fitness training brand in Bangkok you can trust with Internationally acclaimed personal trainer, Dennis Romatz as our Head Personal Trainer.


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X-FIT Bangkok Personal Trainer

Bangkok's Most Trusted Personal Fitness Training Company Since 2005

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X-FIT Personal Fitness Training in Bangkok

Personal Training for Expats in Bangkok who want to lose weight & improve their health.

Our Personal Training provides immediate results via science based fitness training programs.

specialty fitness training programs 

Because we know that 99% of people can use a general health tune up,

lose a bit of weight, probably fix lower back compression & definitely be more heart healthy

Thorough Fitness Assessments, Uniquely Designed Training Programs, Incredible Results!

These are the vital steps we take to ensure you are training correctly with guaranteed results & ROI.

7 X-FIT Personal Training Benefits, Corrections & Improvements

We compiled 14 years of X-FIT Bangkok personal training emails and tallied the most sought after goals by our clients.

We'll give you the body, health & results you desire.

Here is the list of Top 7 Benefits you want most: 

  1. Weight Loss

  2. Body Fat Reduction

  3. Improved General Health

  4. Improve Eating Habits

  5. Perfect Posture

  6. Fix Lower (Sacral / Lumbar) Back Issues

  7. Fix Knee (Medial Meniscus) issues

This Is How We Do Corrective With Physiotherapy

Sylvia call and asked me to fix her Popliteus Muscle & Tendon Issue in her right knee.

Her hip was causing an external rotation torsion stressing her Popliteous Tendon causing knee pain.

This video was taken during her 14th training session with me.

"All of the pain is gone.

My Husband and I just golfed 18 holes and my knee felt great! 

I've been to so many Doctors, Physiotherapists and specialists, but they never got to the root cause of my knee problems like you have.  It was everything else except my knee....I feel so better.  The physio movements with my hip ball & socket feel great.  I can do those every day on my own." 

-  Sylvia, Calgary

This Is How We Do Weight Loss With Fitness & Nutrition!

When Alex started training with me he said "I want to lose weight and get chiseled".

He started at 83 kg. and as the photos shows, is now 75.5 kg.

He is minus 7.5 kg. or 16.53 pounds in just 14 sessions. 

This includes a one week business trip in which he wasn't able to train. 

"I feel like I'm being trained by a celebrity trainer.  I never thought I could lose weight this fast, but it just keeps coming off!  I'm so happy and energized.  I want to keep going and see how much more I can lose.  And I have so much more energy now!" 

-  Alex, New York

What Do You Need The Most Help With?

We have the ability to transform your body any way you want.  So tell us EXACTLY what you want to change.

World Class Personal Training For A Body You're Going To Love

  • World Class Personal Trainers

  • Convenient Condo Gym Training

  • Sports Psychology For Mental Focus

  • Thorough Fitness Assessments & Analysis

  • Detailed Goal Specific Program Design

  • Exercise Science Based Personal Training

  • Physiological Biometric Tracking

Bangkok Personl Trainer Fitness Assessment

Receive a Free Fitness Assessment

Your complimentary fitness analysis, assessment and evaluation is one of the most important aspects of your fitness training. 

This thorough evaluation that we provide gives us the anatomical data we need to design and structure an appropriate and intelligent results based fitness training program.  This is very important for safe, effective training which maximizes training session time efficiency.  

100% of the people who contact us either say on the phone or in an email that they want to start working out, but have no idea what to do, how to do it.  Most people who train on their own waste time doing movements unrelated to their primary goal.  These exercises which have nothing to do with their goals are most often performed incorrectly.  These combines cause a great deal of confusion, grief and discontent.

We eliminate all of your anxiety about working out by performing a free fitness assessment which examines your anatomical structure.  It highlights any asymmetrical aspects of your skeletal structure and disfunctions in your biomechanics of kinesiology.

This provides us with ample data and information to proceed with designing a personalized, comprehensive fitness training and nutritionally guided program to that your goal achievement is guaranteed.

Please do contact us for your free initial fitness assessment.

Find out how our X-FIT free initial assessments have charted an intelligent course for fitness training which has changed the health, fitness and lives of so many whom have trained with us.  Read the testimonials here.

Our successful fitness training programs are derived from thorough initial fitness assessments.

This includes both anatomical assessments and daily food consumption analysis.

Learn more about our fitness training programs and nutritional guidance to gain a better awareness of our detailed focus.

We'll Help You Make Your Personal Training Body Transformation 100% Successful!



Experience how training with an X-FIT personal trainer will transform your body, dramatically improve your health and change your life with immediate and sustainable results.

Commit to your body transformation with a 20 session package and we'll give you 1 FREE session!

You Will Receive:

  • Convenient Condo Gym Workouts

  • Nutritional Guidance

  • Custom Designed Fitness Training Program

  • Demo Video Catalog Support

  • World Class Personal Trainer

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