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X-FIT has established itself as the #1 most trusted and respected provider of private personal fitness training brand in Bangkok for the past 14 years.


Our fitness training programs and plant based nutrition have become legendary in Bangkok for producing body and life changing results.


We have gained our reputation as the fitness training brand in Bangkok you can trust with Internationally acclaimed personal trainer, Dennis Romatz as our Head Personal Trainer.


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X-FIT Bangkok Personal Trainer

Bangkok's Most Trusted Personal Fitness Training Company Since 2005

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X-FIT Physiotherapy In Bangkok

Our Physiotherapy Solutions Include Root Cause Eradication And 100% Pain Free Restoration of Functionality And Performance.

Our clinical, anatomical based physiotherapy training gets to the root cause of your issue. 

We correct your problematic area and restore you to 100% functionality. 

We teach you exercise protocols in order to maintain ongoing and future optimal functionality

X-FIT Bangkok Personal Trainer Physiotherapy At Your Condo Gym In Bangkok

We Also Do A Fantastic Physio-Fit Workout


Physiotherapy performed by foreigners in Thailand is prohibited.  Let's get that out in the open right away so everyone knows the real deal.


X-FIT is a group of talented, educated and experienced personal trainers who offer Physio-Fit.

Physio-Fit is a physiotherapy based workout with elements of cross training incorporated.


Imagine a workout that looks and feels like an intense personal training session.  Ok, got it?  Now imagine that, combined with physio type movements and posture designed to open up your hips and pelvic region.


We, as living, breathing humans all too often sit and are immobile.

The ends results over a period of years or a lifetime is a decrease in mobility and flexibility.  Thus, people feel extreme tightness.  Their gate shortens.  Their walking pace slows.  They start to look and feel very closed in.


X-FIT Physio-Fit is designed to counter-act these tormenting conditions which plague so many people.

Physio-Fit movements are largely performed in a horizontal posture with legs swinging and moving very therapeutically.


The end results is like you feel after a wonderful massage plus stretch session. 

The added benefit and bonus is that these movements are combined with essential elements of fitness training which leave you both flexible and healthy.


Head X-FIT Bangkok Personal Trainer, Dennis Romatz gets to the root cause of all injuries and designs the most appropriate fitness training program to eradicate the problem and facilitate a lifestyle change to sustain injury free training and daily human performance.

Many of the clients we train complain of knee. lower back and cervical and trapezius aches, pains and tightness.

We also work with runners who need special attention with stride mechanics so as to eradicate knee pain and run more efficiently.

Often times, fitness training is hampered or inhibited by chronic pain.  

These muscles aches and joints pains can be eliminated via proper attention to particular anatomical areas depending on your case. 

Telephone: 098 101 5563

  • We Identify And Eradicate The Root Cause Of Your Physio Issue

  • 100% Restorative Training & Therapy

  • We Return You To Complete Functionality


098 101 5563  WhatsApp

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