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Bangkok Fitness Training In The Rainy Season

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

It's raining. So what! Enjoy it. Some of my best workouts have been in the rain. Remember, I come from Northern Michigan where it snows and snows and snows! What do you think people in the rain forest do for fitness? They get out and get moving. Fitness training is not about perfect weather on a sunny day with clear blue skies and pretty colors. Fitness training is about getting off your butt and getting moving. "Just do it". Ya, just do it! That's probably the best slogan ever. Fitness training in the rain can be a euphoric mind and body experience. It's only when we step outside of our confined comfort zone that we realize our potential has been hindered by our own short sightedness. Fitness training in the rain is awesome! Enjoy it. Relish it! The world is a beautiful place. X-FIT Bangkok Personal Trainer encourages you to discover that inside the gym is not the only location to train. The world is your gym! Enjoy your fitness. Enjoy your life! Dennis

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