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Prices For Personal Training in Bangkok

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

The topic of this blog is sensitive as it highlights a situation which has personal trainers setting their rates all over the board, all over the world. What is the appropriate rate for a personal trainer? How should a personal trainer set his or her rates? The criteria should be experience, education, knowledge, talent, ability to teach and motivate clients to reach their goals. Their seems to be some confusion with Expats, especially in Bangkok, Thailand where they think that a personal trainer should be300 Thai baht or $10 per hour because the cost of living in Bangkok is very low, Thai trainers come cheap and also because people can barter and talk down the price of anything in Bangkok. I always tell my Expat clients in Bangkok "you didn't accept a lower salary to work in Bangkok and neither did I". Neither is the quality of theirs or my work diminished. The value of a personal trainer is what it is based on the aforementioned qualities and characteristics. It is not based on the cost of living in the city where he or she trains. If a trainer feels he or she is worth more than people in a given city are willing to pay, then the trainer should simply leave. There is no point in a credible, respectable and valuable personal trainer rotting away in a low cost city charging a fraction of what he or she is worth. Bangkok, in particular is a city with terrible drivers, smog, stinky buses and vehicles and a general sense of stupidity on the roads. We offer private personal training. This means that we are driving in this chaos to get to you so that you don't have to experience what we go through every session getting to your training session. In Chicago I would simply take the elevator from the 45th floor to the 7th floor and train my clients. In Bangkok I am on a motorbike in dangerous traffic. The price of personal training in Bangkok...the price of my personal training in Bangkok is commensurate with my characteristics as well as the fact that I travel to get to you so you can workout. It needs to be said, written and explained to the prospective fitness training clients that our rates are justified by characteristics and not by the cost of living in the city in which we are training. Your favorite and exceptionally talented football player is rotting away playing for a losing team that will never win a championship. Does that player deserve to be paid less than he's worth because he plays on small market team? Nope! He's one of the best players in the game. He should be paid what he is worth regardless of where he plays. That's it. I can't explain it any clearer! Enjoy the training! Dennis

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