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Training Shoes For Comfort, Function & Support

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

I had a client ask me the other day about what shoes she should be wearing for our training. The answer is actually very simple. Wear the training shoes which are comfortable and functional. Shoe brand and color has nothing to do with shoe performance and ultimately how you feel wearing them or after your workout is finished. There are, however, sport specific shoes. The average client who is training for cardiovascular endurance, body fat reduction and weight loss will be doing a lot of cardio or running so their shoe should be appropriate for these activities. One very important thing to remember when training in Bangkok is that its extremely hot. The intense heat has an effect on your shoe sole. I find that I flatten out the soles of my training shoes after only about 8 weeks. This is about the same time that my feet start hurting in the morning. That is a good indicator that it's time to go to the sports store! I would say this is the biggest factor in knowing when to change you training shoes. I would be able to get about six months usage from my shoes in Chicago, but in Bangkok it's only about 8 weeks maximum. A good tip for choosing a training shoe is to determine what type of training you will be doing and what are your goals. Glute training is about having more body weight on your heels. A flatter shoe would serve you better for this type of training. Weight loss training will have your body forward with your weight closer to the front of your feet to enhance forward movement. A show with a higher pitch or, higher in the heel would serve you better in this case. So these area few training shoe tips. I hope this helps!

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