Small Group Training

Group fitness in Bangkok

We offer a series of small group training and fitness classes in Bangkok ranging from low intensity weight loss targeted to high intensity aerobic endurance.

"I was able to train at my condo gym in Sukhumvit Soi 24 in a small group with 3 friends who live in my building.  Dennis designed our fitness classes to meet all of our goals.""

- Taylor, Australian Expat

small group fitness in Bangkok

Small group training

We offer small group training at all condo gyms, homes and outdoor parks in Bangkok.

The theme of each of our small group fitness training is decide upon by the participants.

We tailor the group fitness training sessions to suit your group's needs.


Most condo gyms in Bangkok are suitable for small group training and allow us to move about in circuits relevant to the group's goals.

Fitness classes

We offer several fitness classes in Bangkok at various locations both indoors and outdoors at Benjakiti Park, Benjasiri Park and Lumpini Park.

The outdoor fitness classes are typically in the dry season when we get very little rain.

Our indoor fitness classes are held at specified locations which are sometimes decided upon by our clients.  We also hold fitness classes at Lumpini Place condo in Bangkok.  We will be posting the next class schedule very soon.  You can also call us for complete details at 098 101 5563. 

Our fitness classes range from low intensity weight loss targeted to high intensity aerobic endurance targeted as well as body weight training.

fitness classes in Bangkok
group fitness benefits

Small group training benefits

In addition to being fun, exciting and a great way to exercise and workout with friends, small group training and fitness classes also provide the following benefits:

  • Low price

  • Exercise with like minded individuals

  • Group support

  • Consistent schedule

  • Goal tailored classes

  • High energy