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Bangkok Weight Loss Coach 

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Bangkok weight loss specialist

We specialize in guaranteed, sustainable weight loss with our body fat reduction targeted fitness training supplemented with plant based nutritional coaching.

"Imagine stepping onto the scale and the number is lower.....every day.  That's the cool reality of our weight loss personal fitness training program." 

- Dennis Romatz, X-FIT Head Personal Trainer

Weight loss fitness training

We guarantee weight loss, body fat reduction and a smaller waist line size.

We are able to ensure significant weight loss via fitness training because we prescribe very specific and effective fat reduction training programs which are supported by proper nutritional guidance.


We monitor our client's exercise performance in real time with a Polar H10 wearable heart rate monitor to be certain you are training in a fat burning  ventricular (heart rate) zone.

This enables us to track your bio metrics and make deviations in training intensity according to the number of calories you need to be deficient to be on a course to burn fat and lose weight. 

As a rule, I need my clients to burn 500 calories in a 50 minute training session (combined with proper nutritional guidance) to have a daily body weight reduction of between .75 and 1 pound.  

Weight loss nutritional coaching

We supplement your weight loss via fitness training with principles of plant based nutrition coaching.

We are able to ensure significant weight loss with plant based nutrition because it allows our clients to consume significant amounts of low calorie, high performance vegetables, berries, nuts and seeds.


This provides our weight loss specific clients with performance foods without all of the heavy, useless calories such as carbohydrates which ultimately get digested and absorbed as sugars which turn to stored fat if consumed to late in the day.

Meal plans are provided on a daily basis and are prescribed according to how our weight loss clients are feeling and their particular needs on that given day.

Testimonial of weight loss coach in Bangkok

Weight loss testimonial

When Alex started training with me he said "I want to lose weight and get chiseled".

He started at 83 kg. and as the photos shows, is now 75.5 kg.

He is minus 7.5 kg. or 16.53 pounds in just 14 sessions. 

This includes a one week business trip in which he wasn't able to train. 

"I feel like I'm being trained by a celebrity trainer.  I never thought I could lose weight this fast, but it just keeps coming off!  I'm so happy and energized.  I want to keep going and see how much more I can lose.  And I have so much more energy now!" 

-  Alex, New York